Latest breaking News:  4/20/15   See us at the Rutland Farmers Market Wed April 22, from 4 pm to 7 pm.  (see the flyer below)

Central Vermont Solar & Wind ( CVSolar) is Rutland's oldest Solar Installation Company.  We design, sell, and install grid-tied net metered systems with and without battery backup and also off-grid for remote homes and other remote power needs. We sell only the highest quality SolarWorld Photovoltaic (PV) Panels made in USA.  Our focus is on residential installations.

Located at 104 River Street in the City of Rutland, CV Solar started in N. Chittenden in 1996 and then in 1999 moved to 213 North Main.  We rapidly outgrew this location and moved to 231 S. Main.  Finally, in 2005 we moved to our current location with offices for meeting with customers and a workshop and warehouse space.

When we started, there were only about 9 other solar PV installers in all of Vermont, We traveled all over the state installing over 400 PV systems and thousands of solar panels, Originally most of our work was off-grid but now we install an even mix of off-grid and grid-tied systems, both direct and battery backup.

We have solar installations in Rutland, West Rutland, Mendon, Shrewsbury, N.Clarendon, Killington, Randolph,Granville, VT, Rochester, Mt Holly, Cavendish, West Haven, Benson, FairHaven, Sudbury, Orwell, Ripton, Lincoln, E Middlebury, Leicester, Shoreham, Hubbardton, and dozens of other towns all over the state.

Our years of experience have proven that the Vermont sun intensity and availability allows for solar power to be a viable, cost effective, clean and enjoyable source of energy. A comment from a recent grid tie customer: 

 "We've made 40 kilowatts today so far and the day is not over yet! Thanks again for the wonderful work you did!" J.P.  Mendon

Original cabin with first solar panel 1980

Log home built on top of original cabin.

2007 - note the size of the balsam trees.

Our Shop at 104 River Street

Heading out to the job site.

This is one of the PV arrays at AISO.NET , our new web host in California.  Check out their website for a description of their operation.     

CVPS (now GMP) Solar Educational site

Central Vermont Solar & Wind LLC

 104 River St.,   

 Rutland, VT 05701

802-747-0577 or 802-770-8625

Our new Logo

About Us

This photo on the left shows the humble beginning of our personal solar odyssey. Much has changed since our total off-grid power system at our camp was a single Arco (now SolarWorld) 35 watt panel in 1979.

The second photo on the left is our home in 2001 which was powered by about 700 watts of solar on the deck.  Now today we have over 2000 watts on two top of pole mount racks in the field and two of our original 45 watt panels seen on the left edge of the deck are still in use charging our electric lawn mower.  .   

We have come a long way personally in the evolution of our solar home and we are continuing the advancement of our solar installation business with continued researching and evaluating new technologies as they become available. In the 15 years that we have been located in the City of Rutland, we are happy to finally see our dream of solar for everyone starting to be fulfilled. Dramatically lower prices for PV Panels and the 30% federal tax credit is making solar one of the best investments a homeowner can make.   

We are proud of the fact that we have helped the local solar industry grow by having been an ongoing training source for young people to get experience installing solar power systems. Former employees and Interns have moved on to start Foxfire Energy(Chittenden), High Peaks Solar(Troy NY), Positive Energy (Granville, NY), The Solar Guru (Bennington), Bright Earth Solar(Mt Holly) now with Green Earth Energy- The McKernon group.  Several former associates,interns and/or employees are now with Same Sun (Rutland). Our 50kW CVPS solar installation on Rt 7 included Stafford Tech students with their instructor, John Bixby, helping to install the racks and PV Panels. Mr. Bixby's current classes also get hands on training every 3 months when the top of pole racks are adjusted to the seasonal sun angle.

Our website had become outdated and our web host needed to be more environmentally friendly as well. We decided to switch to as our new green solar powered web host who walks the talk. (photo on left) We wanted to set up a new web site that we can update ourselves and keep it abreast of the amazing technological evolution taking place.  We are experts at designing and installing Solar power systems but not experts in website design so bear with us as we build our website to be interesting, informative and educational. Our largest installation at the north end of town on Rt 7 is the 7th photo followed by our new logo.   For additional photos and information check out our Facebook page by searching on Facebook for Central Vermont Solar & Wind LLC.  or click the button below.

Our new logo was first used at SolarFest a few years ago and now with our new website, is a symbol of constant improvement of our products and services.  Call us about early bird discounts for projects initiated before March 31.  The state incentive program has ended for residential and commercial systems, but the 30% federal tax credit is still available (expires in 2016)